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Textile Finishing

printing - embroider - lasering

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Film Technology

vehicle graphics - window film - stickers
film letters - wall art - signs

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lasering - milling - hot wire cutting

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Roll-Up - Expo Walls - Material Frames Tenter - Flags - Multistands

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Digital Printing

printing - laminate - cutting

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Light Advertising

light boxes - 3D letters - light letters

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Promotional Products

Flyer - Stamp - Ballpoint Pen ...

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Textile Trade



considered thought...

... thanks to modern machinery we are able to produce environmentally conscious

HP Latex

We only use cleanest HP Latex technology. Modern machinery, peppered with HP Latex large format printers, allows us a super-fast, high-quality and attractive price production of large format printing.

Ökotex 100

Thread - Textiles - Textile films
As with digital printing, we also set in textile finishing a strong focus on cleaner production, so we use only certified ÖKOTEX100 threads so as foils for the textile finishing..

Organic Cotton

GOTS - Control Union - FLO
Certificates of certificates we place on purchase our raw materials very much emphasis on cleaner production in their countries of origin. Thus we are able to offer our customers a wide range of certified and controled- produced textiles.

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This morning at 9 clock the print data sent - 14 clock ready for collection - that's crazy. Top quality - Fast and competent service amazing - better than online Maria BrooksLargeformat customer
If If it hast to go fast - you can depend on.

Total straightforward and deliver within 24h -
... amazing!
Didi GugelHatnut
The Swabians are really big hit - creative, competent and when times will get longer, you also bring Light into the dark :)

We do not want to miss you.
Jessica PristonMarketing automobile industry